Chinese horoscope 2019 : all predictions sign by sign

From February 05, 2019 to February 24, 2020 we will transit the new cycle. Astrology experts from the website , anticipates predictions.

Following its own calendar – introduced by Emperor Huang Ti in the year 60 of his reign and governed by the lunar cycles-, they do not enter in 2019, but in 4716. It is the Year of the Land Dog, which will end on February 24, 2020.

In the Chinese horoscope, there is a tradition of giving each baby an animal, depending on the year in which he was born.

Legend has it that Buddha summoned all the fauna of the earth and only 12 species appeared.

The rat was the first to arrive, followed by the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. These form the Twelve Signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

year of the pig 2019

But what are the characteristics that these give to each person?


The work will not be particularly demanding, but eventual delays can cause chaos. And it will be required that, with his actions, the dog brings clarity, let his thought and heart free. It will be a critical task that can start a new stage in your life and transform it deeply. It will have to leave the position of bitterness of those who believe that everything is wrong and bet on good doing good. They can put the trap on the table and disrupt it. For this, the best strategy will be realism: to accept that it is not possible to straighten the whole world and to delimit the space where it can be straightened out.


It is quite clear that it will be an auspicious year for pigs to produce something that will be important to them, but will that be good or bad? It depends on what they produce, on their own reaction, on what happens to other people … The process of creation will have three conditions. The first is that in 2018 something inside them will hurry them. The second condition is what they should do with others. They will not be able to do it alone, or what they face will not go well at all. The third is the concretion of the work, which will not be something internal, but will leave you and walk the world. And he will not reach with producing them, he will have to guide them and help them stand up.


All rats should be careful because they will suffer an imbalance. If it were another sign, it would be broken, it would lock up scared or run to take refuge with others, but she will continue walking. In fact, it will be carried by more energy than usual. He will not know the fatigue in his march, he will not stay still, he will travel all the roads, he will create all the possible itineraries, it will be the year in which he will deplete the maps. It will be the Rat who dictates what is important, what is good, what is just, what is beautiful, what is glorious. It will be one of the most worthy years of your life.


It will be important that you make an effort to communicate. On the other hand, your body will be resistant to diseases, but on the condition that you put it in motion: ride a bicycle, do not postpone the gym, train with sacrifice; that is, sude. In love, for the Buffalo, who is comfortable with each one going through their lane, it will be a year of crossing paths. With friends it is going to be propitious time to build societies, do business, invest together. At work it will be convenient to let oneself be carried away by the desire to undertake, take the initiative.


Start the year with a debt: you must do everything you did not do lately to get things out of the state of mediocrity and begin to rise. They have to direct their actions to the people they love from the bowels and those who follow them, who they make live. It is certain that in the 18th they will travel long days, in which, if they are on the road, they will find people who will be inexplicably familiar (which does not mean they are good people or that they should trust). The good thing will be to have studied the situation of each person close to them, to have understood what they could do and to have played to do it.


It will be necessary to work hard so that the 18 does not skid. What will make it bad will be its low quality and aggressiveness. In social relations will see episodes of disloyalty and hypocrisy that will repeat until naturalized. Your ability to create encouragement that envelops everyone will fail. In work groups you will notice that indolence and apathy will grow to meet the goals. In addition, he will notice an inflammation of authoritarianism. The good news is that you will not lack weapons to face the situation and that you will not be alone.


It will be necessary that he puts a lot of himself because, in every endeavor that he faces with indolence, he will lose. The challenges are all part of a single challenge: to repair what has been ruined over time, laziness and clumsiness. Next year you will have freedom of action. People will have been taken out of it who were annoyingly holding it and it will be like a purifying fire. It will take what has been crushed and free it. The most important thing is that it will only be victorious if it fulfills two objectives: to understand what caused the corrosion and to program what its future should be like and to go there.


It will reject frontal and rude attacks. However, you have to take care of what you eat, drink or smoke. He has to connect with what is beautiful because he redeems himself by doing well, because he is generous, hospitable, forgiving. He wants his good and that’s why he protects her. As soon as he has protection, during the 18th the goat will perceive battles, but very far. They will not affect you directly, unless it gets in your way. You will have to look for the people with whom unite bonds of unconditional love. It does not matter if they are real or imaginary, whether they are alive or dead. Whatever they are, they will have something to tell you. During the year of the dog the goat will receive strong inspirations if it goes to the people who need to benefit it.


You must prepare for a year of confrontation. Not small routine skirmishes, but a single big showdown. The struggle will take place in the field where the reasons of our life live, why do we do this ?, why do we want more ?, why do we settle for this and not with that? However, the dragon has in its interior a nobility to turn to. If he does not give up, he will see how strongly the certainty that truth and justice, loyalty, dignity, friendship, and generosity should prevail. The best advice is that, just perceive the advance of mediocrity, stand up and fight to disrupt it. You must know that the only triumph will be hardening.


Among the twelve animals, it is possible that snakes have the most interesting year. They will feel a different push, need to move without knowing where that energy comes from. On the other hand, you will find invitations to action at every step and you will want to do it. The conditions will be given to bring to a high refinement situations, goals, people, objects, equipment, plans, works, desires, whatever the subject they choose to work with: a search in the exotic will not be necessary, because everything that surrounds them will claim. That refinement will make the objects of his work fully deploy their power. It will be convenient for them to direct their income towards matters that make a lot of sense and to train themselves as much as possible.


After a year in which all the branches were shaken, the monkey will arrive at firmer ground. But that is not necessarily good news. The stability and support offered by the soil, longed for by many, is not precisely their dream state. What we believe will be forever because it always was, can vanish in an instant. Must be worth to endure a year that will be like paddling in milk candy with current against. Except for accidents, which always exist, you should not have health problems. The year of the dog will be very modest in the material plane. It will not be a good time to run after the illusion.


All were subjected to agitation or stress. Congratulations because they played. The 18th will be a year of conception, without pause! It will be a year to cultivate new goals in life, for themselves and for those they are in charge of. It suits them not to invent conflicts and confrontations that provoke enemies. You will feel that it is the beginning of a new cycle. The rooster will need the rest of the warrior. He will be somewhat isolated, only surrounded by his own. It’s time for the rooster to take care of himself as much as he cares for the others

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