Horoscope 2018 – Zodiac Signs hit by bad luck next year

Horoscope 2018. Like every year, and 2018 comes with ups and downs for us. The stars tell us what will be the most unlucky in the coming year. Find out what part of the barricade you are!


If the year 2017 was a good year for these natives, the next year will bring them a lot of bathers to these natives, writes estisuperba.ro. Balances will face a significant loss. Maybe it’s a dear person or a job.

This will greatly affect these natives and it will be difficult for them to return to good feelings of other times, and especially to optomism.


Aries will suffer from a sentimental plane. They will encounter problems in the couple, and jealousy crises will be in order, especially in March. Even if they are married or not, these natives will suffer in love from the next spring.


This 2018 horoscope advices natives born under this zodiac sign tend to make mistaken decisions that will put them in difficult situations and will always reach the crossroads of roads. These natives will be pretty unlucky next year, but it’s not always their fault but those around them.

Love horoscope

The Aries involved in a relationship that brings more frustrations and tears than happiness will end them in 2018 and give them the chance to love again. Many sincere, interesting and resilient relationships are born this year. The final or the beginning of the road, both variants prove to be auspicious, but we are talking about a time when the stars support the sentimental towers, some surprising. Unclear situations are blurred, uncertain relationships enter one or another.

In summer, the routine makes you doubt your feelings or your own feelings, but by the end of the year, especially in the fall months, you put your foot down and ask your partner to find out where your relationship is going. Whether they marry, divorce or choose to make children, Berbeci will be a fully-fledged decision.

Some will live short but intense and passionate relationships. Enjoy the moment and act as you feel! One warning: it does not hide anything from a partner! The little secrets can turn into great dramas once they come out, just because you kept them out of it. Sincerity is gold!
What awaits you in your career

You’ll be busy in 2018, which is great, because you do not like to get bored at all. Receive new, challenging tasks and projects. The only concern is to find a balance between work and relaxation. It is very possible to put on your feet a small personal business where you dream for some time to start a fruitless collaboration.

Things you left unfinished, you finally finish them. If it makes you feel like going to a training course, the time is right. The diplomas and certificates obtained in 2018 will not be forgotten somewhere in a drawer, on the contrary, they will be useful sooner than you think.


You are the living silver, you want to do a thousand things at once, but you need to have a little care at the level of stress. Give yourself more time, both at home and at work!

Even if you have to spend the last money or borrow to meet certain plans, the investments you make deserve the effort. It turns out to be a productive year, largely because you do not lose your enthusiasm and the positive energy even in times when your wind blows through your pockets.

You will not make big savings, but you will also lack the financial resources. It’s a year when you allow small joy that you have refused: travels, courses, any gadget you want … The financial situation can create small conversations in the couple, but you will come to a common denominator the partner without too many battles.