chinese zodiac 2018 – new chinese lunar year

The Chinese year 2018, which will begin on 16th of February and end on February 08, 2017, will be the year of the dog or dog; and we can expect a lot of unexpected, surprises, drama, adventure, in a word one must expect everything, and especially what one does not expect and that, in all areas of our daily lives.
for the boldest of you it will be easy to have fun this year baffling, but the more down-to-earth will have a hard time knowing what Saint to dedicate …

in fact this year 2018 will be the image of our dog or dog: capricious, casual and confusing.

However, despite these vagaries and the turmoil that a year dog or dog can bring, any situation so complicated or it will end well, solutions inevitably appear like magic!

The Year of the dog or dog will be particularly excellent for everything related to the artistic, talent development, artistic vocation discovery and especially to all the arts that touch music, cinema and theater ; the inspiration will be at its peak during this year of the dog and the muses will not fail to inspire who will listen to them and let themselves be rocked by them.

Those who practice artistic professions will be admired, their talents will be recognized and appreciated, their innate gifts will be able to grow and develop without difficulty, and the same will apply to anyone who wishes to indulge in an artistic leisure.

At the worst, if you do not want to exercise, be a spectator, you can be sure to derive a deep pleasure and a great joy, because just like the dog, this year 2018 will be artistic, sensitive and empathic face others.

Your 2018 Dog year will be constructive, you will not miss new opportunities in all areas and this may be the problem, you will have trouble knowing in which direction to go, what is the most favorable meaning for you.

However your optimism Dog allied to this year of the Moving dog and rich in surprise will push you towards favorable winds naturally.

Just think of following your intuition without asking yourself too many questions, you are sufficiently asked not to do anything!

As for working dog, your year 2018 promises to be very busy, everything will go quickly and you will not have time to get bored; you will have to adapt quickly to the various changes and above all settle your imperatives without being destabilized.

But far from disturbing you Dog, having to raise your sleeves and redouble your exertion will please you; you will overflow with energy and motivation in your work, small flat, it will make you jazzy to see you so involved!

Do not be distracted by some gossip and keep your goals in view, you will soon see unexpected and positive proposals made to you and if you want to evolve, the moment will be perfect; especially as you will be able to negotiate and negotiate like no one else.

In the heart of the dog, your year 2018, the year of the dog will be on the hats, you will have only one desire for your couple Dog, that to build, stabilize and be able to project you in the long term.

You will not go by four paths and will not spend chandeliers thinking about what you want, you know exactly what turn you want to give to your romantic relationship and you will not be afraid to let your partner know.

You will go just a little too quickly Dog, accept that if on your side you know what you want, your half may need a little more time.

For the dog is a slightly destabilizing year 2018 that awaits you, the encounters you make will be confusing but exciting because different, you step out of the usual beaten path and you open on new horizons Dog and it makes you altruistic to wish.

You will leave no one indifferent and your heart in turn risks to beat hard during the summer of 2018.

Communication will be your forte, and if you know how patient you are, you can lay a good foundation for your future.

On the financial side Dog, 2018 will be a bad year and you will find it hard to maintain a balance in your budget. Not that the returns are not bad or bad Dog, on the contrary your work will bear fruit but you will seem totally indifferent to the material concerns and you will not seize any opportunity to make your money grow for future projects.

And as you will spend without counting too much, you will spend this year 2018 Dog more in the red and uncovered than anything else, despite comfortable returns and attractive investment opportunities.

Globally Dog your year 2018 promises to be full of unexpected and all but routine, luck will be on your side and if you know how to seize it you will pose beautiful milestones for the next years.

However you will tend to want everything and right away Dog and too much trust in your lucky star, even if you rest on your laurels!

Do not be too lax Dog, nor too impatient, do not forget that everything comes to point to who knows to wait …